PARTY PARTY PARTY! (New CP Posts Below!)


WHOOT WHOOT! 8000 hits! Now thats awesome! Speaking of awesome… I’m GOING TO HAVE A 800 HITS PARTY! YAAAAY!!!

Here is the invite:

When? September 13th, 2009
Where? Server is Snowmobile, Dock
What Time? 5:12 PM PST (Penguin Standard Time)
Why? ’cause it’s my 8000 hits party!

PLEASE COME TO THE PARTY!!! I will feature* those who come to my party!

Be sure to say “Yes I can come to the party.” on the comment section of this post! 😉


*Two benefits if you come to my party:
1. Get to be featured.
2. The name of your blog will be under your pic.
3. More viewers will come to your site!


60 Responses

  1. that early? it will be 7am where i live. Im not really up at 7 im more up at 11-12.

    I will come if you can change the time. not being mean or anything 😉

  2. Sorry JP! I changed the time already!


    • Im coming!

      oh and Joji-H, i forgot to tell u this but my penguin Jp568 got banned forever from a hacker and over ban limit is 12 maximum. so at the party my new penguin is Jcp52608 add me when u see me 😉

  3. ill try to make it cant miss my buddies 8,000 hit party

    • Ya, 6000 Hits party failed because I messed up the dates and times since it’s hard to set up a party in Japan. Now that I’m back in Canada, it’s much easier.


      • why did u go to japan? O_\)

  4. I will come! actually I am already there

    I am waiting for the party to start! I am at the Dock on Snowmobile

    I am the one with the blonde hair, Black Sunglasses, Blue Tie, Black Tuxedo, Black Guitar, and the Black Dress Shoes.

    and I am a red penguin sitting on the edge of the land

    ok I am still wiating come hurry up clock

    jojih! Can you please get the party ready its almost time!

  5. 1 Month Membership Contest at ! Rock on!

    (~Double Mvp~)

  6. You dont have to come early… just come at exactly 5 pm pst


  7. Jojih

  8. ya?

  9. Ya i know I saw you… uhm you came 1 hr early… which is too u know.


  10. did you see me

  11. plus none of my freinds are there… your wayy to early.


  12. I like to come early, sometimes late! The reason I came early is because, I thought that there would be alot of people there early like me so I wanted to get a good place

  13. a good place to sit

  14. now a couple more people are here now

  15. can you please open your igloo or something

  16. Almost time for the party!YAY!

  17. Look, its not time yet k?

    I already logged off, I’ll come exactly 5, I’m finishing up hwk.


  18. I am still waiting! same place

  19. Okay. Thanks for telling me.

  20. i’ll be there joji, got home and read massage 10 min before party! lol!

  21. hey alpha

  22. 6000 hits party failed, but 8000 is gonna be great!


  23. I just saw you

  24. what! its not gonna happen

  25. If atleast 5 ppl come to my party, it will be enough.


  26. im almost finnished hwk 10 mor mins


  27. Is it still gonna happen?

  28. okay good! Thanks

  29. I will try to let you know if more people come ok

  30. I will record the party too, so its gonna be made into a video. 😀


  31. three people have come now

  32. Hey im coming

  33. ok awesome

  34. few more minuits left until the party starts officially.


  35. one minute

  36. its time

  37. …wheres other ppl


  38. Alpha was just there

  39. I dont know? maybe they didnt want to wait.

  40. So much for the video for the party.

  41. btw awesome igloo! I don’t understand why people didnt want to come I mean its a party

  42. a couple people are witing yay

  43. three people are waiting for the party

  44. everyones waiting! more than five people

  45. jojih hurry before they leave



  47. fun party Huh

  48. jojih you still recording

  49. IM THARE!

  50. Party finished.


    • Jojih? is the review gonna be the vidoe or the written review?

  51. awesome party

  52. fun party! Huh? When will the review be out?

  53. jojih? Is the review gonna be the video or is it gonna be written?

  54. picture review coming soon, video will be later cause it takes time to make


  55. ok thanks

  56. Im sorry joji! Right after i left the comment my dad started messin with the internet connection and i couldn’t get on cp or your site! It sounded like an awesome party and i wish i came! Im sorry!

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