Penguin Style September ’09

QUICK LINKS: Fun Fair ’09 / Rockhopper’s Arrival! , Club Penguin Times Issue #203 , Snow and Sports Catalog ’09 , Better Igloos Catalog Aug-Sept ’09

The new Penguin Style have arrived! It’ almost back to school… or already started school. > – <

CP have gone Oxford! Check out the classy uniforms! WOW! CP now made a laptop item! AWESOME!

There is a bowtie cheat… which is quite useless since you can get that from the Agent’s Handbook. The red circle is where the hidden item is.

Click where the red circle is to reviel the Red Viking Hat.

Click the piano 4x to reviel the Blue Viking Hat.

There are other old items returned and new items arrived too! Kool… I wish they had THOSE in real life! I would look good on the first day of school! XD

There is a slight glitch in the catalog. Hover your mouse over the A in CLEARANCE, and click on it!

It will ask if you want to buy the Flouncy… when you can just get it above the yellow penguin’s head!

There is a new background! The background in the green box is new… and it’s like an Oxford style background! All plad. 🙂

That’s all for now! More posts to come tommorow after I come back from a REAL Fun Fair tommorow (Aug 7th)! LOL!



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