Club Penguin Times Issue #202 / Snow and Sports Catalog Aug-Sept ’09 / Fall Fair Party / New Pin

Club Penguin Times #202

On this week’s headlines, it looks like the Fun Fair is coming soon!

A description about the Fun Fair! It will start on September 4th and end on the 13th.

Other than that, all the cargo and fun fair equipment are shipped to CP by Rockhopper himself! Yes he made all the “fun” just for us… but never actually enjoyed the fun while the fair was on.

As you can see… it says Rockhopper never actually stayed for the fair… but he’s also bringing a surprise… a surprise BIGGER than last year’s. Stay tuned for more info coming up!

101 Days of Fun is still going on…ZZZZzzzz

This week’s In Focus is about Soccor! I think this is a new topic… not sure.

This week’s Top Secret is about NInjas… uhm not much of a secret since CP always mentions about ninjas A LOT. O_o

Upcoming Events #1

Upcoming Events #2


Snow and Sports Catalog Aug-Sept ’09

Ahhh… Football season! Let’s see some of those football items in the catalog!

The usual football items… and now with a new colour, green!


Here are some equipment that you can put in your igloo! It’s quite nice.

WOW! A new background! The one on the top left is new, and the others are old.


Fall Fair Party

fall fair1
When you log in, there is now a new ad about the Fall Fair!

fall fair2
In the Lighthouse, you can see all those boxes which are filled with the stuff for the Fun Fair!


New Pin!

The new pin is the Koi Pin!



4 Responses

  1. cool post! i like that your pictures are so clear : D

  2. SWEET!

  3. thanks for telling me that! i will make sure to do that next time i take pictures : )

  4. Awesome Site! I’m Having a Party Soon! You Coming? For Details

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