New Things in Community!

NOTICE! Rockhopper’s plants are now almost fully grown!

Hi guys, I have to go soon, but here are some new stuff that’s going on in Community:

playing pirates
New comic “Playing Pirates”.

community stuff
New pictures, drawings, wall paper, etc.



4 Responses

  1. hi joji! I agree wtih what u said about Mimo, but he isn’t that bad of a blogger. He has skills! Still, he ruins some ppl’s CP experience.

  2. Actually… he probably pays pros and bought lots of expensive equipment to make all the stuff Mimo has on his blog etc. For example…

    Zebras Smell Funny would have undergone by using lots of expensive equipment…

    Zoe Zoe Show is the same as above…

    His Chobots Banner and Secret Builders Banner and Mimo Games are probably all done by proffesionals.

    Like iamthewalrus said, those websites… Mimo has to pay A LOT of money every year perhaps?

    But of coarse… Mimo is really spoiled for the fact that he is home schooled (wat walrus said is quite convincing since I’ve noticed Mimo posting any time of the day) and that he has all the time to do lots fun stuff. He’s also payed a lot of moneyby 4 game companies… webosaurs, chobots, planet cazmo, and possibly secret buliders. Why? Because they know Mimo is friken famous and has A LOT of fans, way more than Chrisdog93. So it’s like a deal. The game panies give Mimo thousands of dollars, and in return, Mimo brings his fans over to play those games.


    PS. Uhm I wasnt sure wat you were talking about, the banner or the comment some noob was blabbing about on a previous post.

    • I agree -_-…….

  3. Hey !I love ur site dude.Your awesome I love ur cp cheats!

    click here(you can use the pic if you want or give me credit,it doesn’t matter)

    I got some coloring done And found out what the green helmet looks like when on the penguin

    If you have any questions just please comment and ask me

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