Club Penguin Times Issue #201 / New Play, Underwater Adventures! / Better Igloos Catalog Aug-Sept ’09

Club Penguin Times Issue #201

The headlines shows hwo the Festival of Flight have ended. You can see the island have been lowered down back to it’s original place…

A timeline of the main events that happened while the Festival of Flight was going on. It shows how everyone partied etc etc… and how Gary lowered it down back where it belongs.

101 Days of Fun… check it out by yourself.

This time’s Infocus is about Jet Pack Adventure, the hit game!

This time’s classified section is ab out DJ3K! It tells you the tricks on how to scratch out the those disks! Wiki wiki wa wa! XD

Upcoming Events Part 1

Upcoming Events Part 2


Underwater Adventures

Underwater Adventures have came! Wow… it really does look like your underwater. You can see a submarine and a castle! Kool!

Here is the catalog for the play! You can see a mermaid. Looks nice! 😉

Here are some pics in the catalog. You can buy some really neat diving gear and stuff.

These are some more pics in the catalog. You can buy fish costumes too! The red fish looks a bit like mullet…

There aren’t any cheats at all, but everyone can get the free background! It’s an Underwater Background!


Better Igloos Catalog

First, we looks at the Igloos Upgrades.

There are 2 new carpetings. One is Painted Dance Steps, and the other one is Blue Polka Dot.

We now move on to the Better Igloos Catalog.

Here are all the hidden items when you click where the red circle is.



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