Festival of Flight! / Finding Gary / New Pin

Festival of Flight is extended till August 20th!

The Festival of Flight is here… and the entire island is up in the air!!!

If you go to the Iceburg, you can see the entire island floating up hight in the air…

Free Item
Before you head out exploring the island, go to the Plaza to grab yourself a free green propellor hat!

Hot Air Baloon Ride / Tallest Mountain / Free Item: Jet Pack
If you go to the forest, you will see a hot air baloon. Let’s go inside to see what happens… (this is a MEMBERS ONLY room!)

WOW! It’s so big inside! usually it takes around 10 secs or less until lift off. Once you get in, you can NOT get out, unless you use the map to go somewhere else. This hot air baloon is used to travel from the forest, to the tallest mountain in CP!

When it starts floating in the air, you will notice a slight “lag” since this entire room is purely animated. Click where the red circle is, to make the baloon go higher in the air… of coarse, that won’t affect how fast you get from place to place. It usally takes around 1 min to get from one area to another.

Once you get to your destination, the door will open, then you can get out and explore! This is the Tallest Mountain in CP. As you can see, the Island Lifter 3000 is making the island float high up in the air. This room is also MEMBERS ONLY.

You can also grab yourself a free Jet Pack. AWSOME! This is also MEMBERS ONLY.

If you wear just the jet pack, you will hover in the air. If you wear a propllelor hat (any colour), you will float in the air. BUT! If you wear both items… then you can both hover AND float in the air! A double combination!

You can also throw a snow ball on the target thing attached onto the Island Lifter 3000. Then the amount of fire used will increase to allow the island to stay afloat. 😀

Club Penguin in the Air!
Other than that, check out these 4 places in CP! These are the areas where fences are guardes around the island, since water is not surrounded around the island temperary.





What’s the secounds biggest gadget that is holding the island uphigh?
You can also check out the Beacon, for the humongous propellor! It is the secound largest machine that is holding the island up high!

Check out the telescope and binoculors at the Beacon and Beach to look at the clouds! I wonderhow they are made into those shapes…

Cloud Maker 3000
Why, it’s from the Clound Maker 3000! Click the red button to make all sorts of clouds such as ducks, anvils, the migrator, and puffles!

Other Rooms
Not many rooms are decorated… only main ones. 😦

Here is Under Water Pool. It looks wierd now that now you can see the clouds… instead of water. O_o

You can also head to the Night Club to dance around in Sunny Weather mode!

Click the red button beside the M symbol (The M badge yellowy thing!) to change the weather to Stormy Weather mode!

The last room is the Snow Forts. You can hop onto a hot air ship to throw snow balls at each other.

New Pin
castle pin
The new pin is located in the Mine. It’s a Castle Pin… I wonder what it has to do with all those flying stuff. Perhaps it has something to do with new play, Underwater Adventures?

Gary Madness!
Gary will be in CP, so be ready to find him and get his autographed background! He might also be giving out special ones too! You never know…

That’s all the stuff for now! Remember, the Party ends on August 18th so enjoy the party while it’s still on!



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