Club Penguin Times Issue #200!

Hey guys! The 200th issue of Club Penguin Times has arrived!

In today’s headlines, it shows the Festival of Flight… which starts tommorow, friday!

The first page is the Festival of Flight! If you see carefully, you can see a brown penguin wearing a green propellor hat! Could that be a free item for the Festival of Flight!?

If you look at the description in the newspaper on the right, it says “hover with your own jetpack”! Could it be another free item at the Festival of Flight!? I hope so! I always wanted a kool jetpack with me all the time!
It also says “meet the famous inventor”… meaning you can meet Gary the Gadget Guy! AWSOME!

The next page talks about the 200th issue! When the first issue of the CP Times came out, it was entirely black and white! On the 150th issue, Aunt Artic has becoeme the main editor of the CP Times and have added many sections to make it more fun to read!

101 Days of Fun
… pic coming soon. Seriously, just go to CP —> Log in Page —> Check out 101 Days for today!

The new play, Underwater Adventure will come out on August 21st! WHOO HOO! I wonder what’s it about… other than something to do with underwater of coarse…

This week’s In Focus, it breifly talks about the timeline of CP and how it has developed into an awsome fun-filled island!

This week’s Top Secret is how to catch Mullet!

Upcoming events #1

Upcoming events #2


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