Club Penguin Times Issue #199

The headlines say the votes are in, and they have found a clear winner! Wow!

The winner was aqua… that’s what I voted! It also said most people chose aqua than any other colour… another wow! :p

Gary said last time that the windows might need fixing again, so he’s inventing something new! Now that new invention he is going to make has been made clear. He is creating a new type of helium that would be lighter than normal helium…awkward. Then he said he’s creating some sort of flying “ship” that would allow penguins to make it lift, and pull the iceburg upwards, so there would be no leakage in the windows.
Back in June, Billybob announced there would be 3 exciting events coming up in the next few months.
Ruby and the Ruby and the Music Jam events were already out. The mountain had something to do with something… but many of us had no idea what it was, except that we knew it might be a new room.
Now that the Club Penguin times have announced there would be a new room high up in the mountains, the mystery has been solved!

Here is Week Nine of the 101 Days of Fun!

This time’s In Focus is about pizzas… REPEATS!!

Top Secret is about bringing your puffles to games… a bit old, but comes in handy to those new players. 😉

Here is part one of Upcoming Events.
There is going to be an Underwater Party between August 21st – September 10th.

Here is part two of Upcoming Events.
Between August 7th – September 3rd is the release of a new Penguin Style catalog, and between August 21st – September 18th is the release of a new Better Igloos Catalog. 😀

Well that’s all for now! Remember to head to the Gift Shop tommorow to celebrate the new penguin colour, aqua with your buddies and freinds! 😉



3 Responses

  1. Um, Main colors, blue/green
    i want me in the background XD
    umm rules:
    no spam
    no swearing
    no unreasonable banning
    be nice
    no yelling
    Um available most of the day

  2. Hey, it’s Becky1507* here, the Vice-President of the Club Penguin website, Club Penguin Kickstand.

    We are currently searching the web for people who love Club Penguin so they could be members on our site!

    You have a really great site and we’d love to have you to post among me and lots of other members!

    Just go to and check out our posts! The blog isn’t at it’s best and we need people with creative ideas like you to bring the site back to life! Trust me, it’s best years are to come!
    The site has more than sixteen thousand views/hits and over seventy followers!

    Extremely sorry if this is advertising, you don’t have to post it you can just delete this comment if you want to, but please consider the offer.

    Hopeflly we’ll speak again. If you want to join, just email me at or


    Becky1507 – Vice President of CPKS
    – – – – – –

  3. I did make a xat account…
    and umm whats surrounding Flubby? UH… Anything nice XD

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