Club Penguin Times Issue #198 / New Pin / New Servers

NOTICE!!! Next week, I will be posting the Club Penguin Times in a “different way”. More like the way Lux1200 does it since the amount of space WordPress gave is limited (They give everyone 4GB of memory).

Club Penguin Times #198

Today’s main artical is the Penguin Tales. This is your LAST CHANCE to submit your story on Club Penguin!

This isn’t really an artical… but a contest page. I don’t know what to say…

This is week 9 of the 101 Days of Fun.

The Colour Vote booth is closed, and the winner of the new Penguin Colour is… still counting! Check back on August 7th to see the winning colour!

Gary says the windows in the Underground Pool area are starting to leak again. Last time there were too many cracks, and it over flooded! In order to not let that happen, Gary is inventing something to prevent it… but he needs YOUR help! Stay tuned for more information!

This time’s In Focus is about Igloos!

This time’s Classified Page is about Old and New items. It says how old items will return in some point of time (except party hats and pins) so there is no need to rush when an item from the Penguin Style catalog is gone.

There are a lot of new events coming up soon! There are New Penguin style Catalogs, New penguin colour announcement, and Gary needing your help!


New Pin!

The new pin is the Toy Sailboat. It is located in the Coffee Shop… I wonder what the Sailboat is related too… hmmm.


New Servers!

They’re are some new servers… 10 in total actually.


Well, that’s all for now! 😉



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  1. Please do you think you could go to and please comment on the resort you would most like to stay in based on the pics and info please! Thank you! 😀


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