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Music Jam ’09

Music Jam, a time to express yourself in front of the many people on the stages provided in Club Penguin! You can Rock and Roll! Jazz! Go Classical! …and even just Go RANDOM!

musicjam front
The HomePage have been decorated for Music Jam. ๐Ÿ˜€

Uhmm… where did this come up? LOL, it’s me singing! ๐Ÿ˜› K This is the Night Club. For those who like Jazz or Blues can go here to play!

Before you wonder around looking at all those pretty decorations and compete in battles, you should head over to the Cove to get your free HeadPhone! The items is actually pretty nice, design is very detailed, and it looks well with a Lime Green Penguin!

The BoomBox has came back from last year’s Dance-A-Thon, along with the RoofTop too! This is a members only item, and you have to have a Backstage Pass to get through the RoofTop.

This is how you look like when you both wear the HeadPhone and the Boombox.

The Shirt Rocks Store have also came back! All of last year’s items returned including the exclusive Backstage Pass! Get it before it runs out! Limited time only while supplies last! LOL

Backstage Passes are very usefull. They can be used to go to areas Non-Members and those who don’t have a backstage pass to go through 2 different areas. One is the Backstage wherer the Penguin Band rest from time to time, and the RoofTop where Cadence appears from time to time.
The backstage is located at the Dock.

This is the Backstage! This is where the Penguin Band rest. You can head over to the Music Catalog to buy some instruments to ROCK ON!

This is the Music Catalog. Here are some of the instruments you can buy.

Click the “i” to reviel the Drum Set, and click the “o” to reviel the popular Black Electric Guitar!

This is the entrance to the RoofTop. You need a backstage pass to get through to the RoofTop.
It is located on the 2nd floor of the NightClub.

This is the RoofTop. There is a new feature, which the Music Player 3000, created by Gary the Gadget Guy! You can switch music here and dance off to it! XD

Don’t forget to meet the Penguin Band! You can only get their autogrphed backgrounds when they are in the Backstage!

Don’t also forget everyone’s favorite DJ, DJ Cadence! You can only meet her in the NightClub, so be sure to check that out!

Here are now some pictures of the Music Jam!

Ice Burg

Night Club

Snow Forts


Furniture Catalog July ’09

The red cirlce indicates where the hidden item is. When clicked, the hidden item will appear.





furniture catalog2

furniture catalog3



Igloo Upgrades Catalog

iggy catalog5
The new Igloo Uprgrades Catalog came out today!

iggy catalog2
Sand Floor and Dirt and Leaves are new Igloo Flooring you can buy. The Archaelogical Dig is an item, not a flooring… but it’s pretty big if you lay it out. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

iggy catalog6
Theatre Igloo is 4600 coins. In this igloo, you cannot place items on the stage, but you can put items on the curtains.

iggy yay
This is just something to show you on how I decorated my igloo. Pretty neat eh?

DJ Cadence and Penguin Band pictures are property of Lux1200. They are not my pictures, and I do now own them. I am just using them because they are really good pictures I can’t find on Google. Besides… I was in a hurry anyways.



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