DJ3K New Featues / New Pin / Club Penguin Times Issue #196

Hey guys! Here are some DJ3K News!

There are some new tracks for DJ3K! Head over to the purple bin and buy some tracks!

There are 3 different tracks, wich different themes in them! The tracks are only 75 coins each! Now that is affordable! Unfortunatly, these are only members only.

You can also carry the tracks with you. They are under “Hands Items”. My penguin is quite stylish eh?

Head over to the DJ3K game located at the DJ Table (duhhh), and let me show you some new things!

When you buy the tracks, you can choos witch track to scratch with.

There are 4 tracks in total. They are Classic, Funky, Jungle, and Festival. Everyone has the “Classic” track (both non-members and members has that track).

Remember to bring your Yellow Puffle with you, for it will increase the ammounts of coins you get when you finnish the game. Colourful lights has also been added, and your Puffle will also dance along with it too!


New Pin! The Umbrella Pin!



Club Penguin Times Issue #196

The main article is mainly the Music Jam, a very popular party in Club Penguin!

It is an article about the Music Jam, telling all penguins to get ready to ROCK ON! Remember to get you Backstage Passes! It is there for a limited time only!

A map showing where the many of the areas stages/musical stuff would be put up with description. 😀

Whoa… 3 years later, there was a “Vote for the next penguin colour” Contest! It have now returned! 3 Years Later’s winner was Lime Green. This time’s colours are: Lavender (purplish), Marroon (redship), and Aqua(bluish). I prefer Aqua, for it is a very nice colour. 🙂

These are the everyday 101 Days of Fun events for this week! Click the image to zoom on the words if you can’t see them! 😉

Finnally! A new “In Focus”! Club Penguin have been bringing up repeats… and oh boy, it was boring! Now there is a new In Focus based on the Backstage only accessed if you have a Backstage Pass!

This secret is quite old, but would be a good reminder for those who want a great challenge when playing Dance Competion! 😀

Here are the following events coming up this Month. Music Jam and the catalog will last until July 17-26, Colour Vote will be between July 24th-29th, Better Igloos Catalog will last from July 17th – August 20th. The new pin (which is the Beach Umbrella Pin) will last from July 17th-20th.

That’s it for now! More posts are to come very soon!



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