Club Penguin Times Issue #192 / What’s New Blog / Penguin Style Catalog June ’09 / and Other Stuff!

Quick Links: Better Igloos Catalog and New Pin, Fairy Fables

Hey guys, Joji here! 3 days ago, the CP Times came! Here is a quick walkthrough. 😉

cp times1
Looking at the headlines, there is the continuation of the “101 Days of Fun”, Dojo Contest winners, and an “In Focus” repeat.

cp times2
Let’s see… this is the 3rd week I believe.

cp times3
This is what it says:

-Day 15: Check out the Dojo Igloo Contest Winners in the Newspaper! Buy some furniture from the catalog in the Ninja Hideout & recreate your favorite in your own igloo.
-Day 16: The new pin is out ,so make sure you find it and wear it! Help other penguins discover it by giving them clues!
-Day 17: Head to the stage to star in Fairy Fables! Try playing all of the roles, then pick your favorite and put on a play with your buddies.
-Day 18: Make buddies with 7 different penguins from different countries. Make sure you all wear your country flag pins!
-Day 19: Form a sports team with your buddies and start a game at the Ice Rink. Choose a team color to wear and make cheers for your team.
-Day 20: Make sure you have all the colors from Penguin Style. Then get toghether with your friends and throw a color party!
-Day 21: Challenge someone to a Card-Jitsu match and earn your next belt. If your already a Ninja, practice in the Secret Ninja Hideout.
LOL! On Day 18, CP forgot that the Soccer Stadium comes back! They now already changed it.

cp times6
The plants have moved to storage. The Adventure Party ended that quickly, because they think the plants are going to “take over the island”! How stupid is that!
First of all, the plants COULDN’T even SURVIVE in suck cold weather!
Secound of all, they need to be watered quite a lot to grow bigger.
and last, wouldn’t the plants take over the storage? LOL. XD

cp times7
This times “In Focus” is a repeat. It talks about the some facts about the Aqua Grabber.

cp times8
These are some neat tricks you can do in Cart Surfing. My favorite is the Down, Space trick.

cp times9
There are to be new Igloo Music to be available in June 26th, new Better Igloos Catalog available between June 19th – July 16th, and DJ3K updates to be launched on June 26th! Whoa… that’s a lot of Members only stuff! Kinda feel sorry for the Non-members.
The Watermelon pin will last between June 19th – July 2nd, so get it before it’s gone!


What’s New Blog

Coming Events – Sneak Peeks!

Hello Penguins!

There’s always a lot going on in Club Penguin, and it’s hard to believe that we’re already into the third week of 101 Days of Fun!! During the next few months there’s so much happening! I don’t want to give everything away, of course, but there are some things that are too exciting for you to miss. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the things to come:


The team’s been working hard to get a ton of stuff ready to make the next few months really special:
Parties – I can’t give them all away… but did someone say “MASSIVE music festival”?
Costumes & items at the Stage! (Ruby’s coming back!)
New clothing, wigs, and furniture!
Game upgrades – Members will see (and hear) some cool changes to DJ3K and more!
New Rooms – There’s going to be some construction – renovations AND new places!
Special Appearances – I can’t say too much, but some of our favorite penguins will be visiting… And there might be a chance to hang out with a wise Card-Jitsu master…

Let us know what you’d like to see happen over the next few months in Club Penguin!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

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Penguin Style Catalog ’09

Here are the New Penguin Style Catalog ’09 cheats!
The red circle is where the hidden secret item is! When clicked, the hidden item will show up.

penguin style JUNE


Other than that, here are some other interesting things happening in CP!

plants in box dimention
The Box Dimention is now turned into a storage room for the plants! If you wait for a while, you can see plants floating off in the background!

soccor pitch is back
The Soccer Picture have also came back! YAY!

3 month membership!
Club Penguin is now doing a 3 Month Membership promotion! The offer ends on July 15th. So for all those non-members, this would be a great opportunity to buy one right now before the offer ends!

101 days of fun banner
There is also a new “101 Days of Fun” banner! It updates it’s self everyday, so you can quickly check out what’s today’s challenge! Unfortunatly, it is not compatible with, so I can’t put up the banner onto my website. 😦


One last thing…

Joji graduated grade eight
I graduated Grade Eight on Friday! YIPPI! I got my diploma, ate lots of food, and danced with my fellow Grade Eight freinds! WHOA, it was fun!!!
I also got a Fine Arts Award… some people even got four awards (different one of coarse, like Math Award, or Language Award)!

Well, it was one of the koolest thing that happened in my life! The sad thing is, that I would probably won’t post so much on this blog next year, since I’m going to High School next year. 😦 You know, lots of homework?

Well, that’s all for now! C ya later folks! 😉



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