Fairy Fables! / 101 Days of Fun

Hey guys! Fairy Fables came… a few days ago! 😛
Srry with the late posts!

fairy fables5
This is how Fairy Fables looks like. It’s like a fairy tale with a little “twist” in it.

fairy fables1
Here is the Costume Catalog. It shows all the costumes for the particular plaay! 😀

fairy fables2
Here are the cheats, the red circle is where the secret item is when clicked.

fairy fables3
On the back of the page, there is a new section to it! It is a Fairy Fable book! WOW! It’s like the first time CP made a play into a complete story book! That’s pretty cool.

fairy fables4
You can also read the book by clicking the “red book” on the bottom right corner for easy access.


Now for some 101 Days of Fun announcement!

There have been some slight updates for the 101 Days of Fun. Since Club Penguin realized how many penguins thought the 101 Days of Fun was boring and sometimes, fail. Some have even changed it to “101 Days of Fail”!
Since then, CP made these following changes and updates:

101 days of fun notice wow!
There is now a small section about today’s challenge on the Log In screen so players could quickly see what today’s challenge is. It is updated every day.

fun activities updated
Fun Activities
The Fun Activities section have also been updated too! You can now print out both the online and a new “offline” version of the 101 Days of Fun! How kool is that?

The Club Penguin Team have also said in “What’s New Section” said how if we participate. We might get to be on the blogs! Penguins will also get 1000 coins in their account, and that’s awsome!

So, CP have now done some kool things to make everyone participate even more!

Well, that’s all for now! C ya later!



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