Club Penguin Times Issue #191

Club Penguin Times Issue #191

Adventure Party starts June 12th! Time for some exploring to do! 😀

Gary explains how the plants Rockhopper brought have spread most of Club Penguin! The Adventure Party will happen because of that.

It’s the continuation of the “101 Days Of Fun”!

This is the list of activities to do every day! Only 1 activity is MEMBERS ONLY!

This week’s “In Focus” is about “Fairy Fables”! Awsome! XD

Aunt Artic explains that the plants from Rockhopper will grow bigger in time. It takes quite a long time, and it might take more than 1 month to grow! O_o

In the “Classified Section”, is a list of things to find in the Adventure Party. Wildlife is everywhere, Ancient ruins are underground, Butterfliesare probably in the forest, and Mysterious drun roles are probably from the Night Club.

Aah… the Favorite Memories section! I wish I came to the “Summer Kick-off” party! It looks so much fun! 😀

Fairy Fables will come back in June 9th, new Better Igloos coming up in June 19th, and the Dojo contest winners announce on June 18th! The safari Pin will be there until June 18th. So get it before it’s gone!



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