Adventure Party!

NOTICE! Click HERE for the Club Penguin Times Issue #191!

The Adventure Party arrived today! πŸ˜€

adventure party adventure party homepage interfacea
The home page is entirely re-decoreated with an “Adventure Party” like theme.

adventure party new load interface
The load interface also changed too! When refreshing the pages, it will only show 3 interfaces. They are: Ninjas Ad, 101 Days of Fun, and the Adventure Party notices!

Here are some awsome and popular roooms in Club PenguiN!

adventure party1
This is the boat ride… well a fake one obviously. πŸ˜› The background is moviing, because a simple machine is used to rotate the backgorund to “look” like it is like a boat ride. πŸ˜€

adventure party3
The beach is now full of plant life and is full of pink flowers!

adventure party4
The Night Club is sort of a “hawaian” type of room. It’s still pretty nice with all of the wood decorations. πŸ™‚

adventure party5
The Cave is probably one of the most awsomest rooms ever! There is a “ancient” type of music and you actually get the archelogical like fealing!

adventure party6
Whoo hoo!!! Water Polo came back! It’s kind of fun making the ball bounce everywhere. πŸ˜€

adventure party2
The last one is the most awsome room EVER in the party! Too bad this is only for members! You can make music by putting your curser over those stuffed birds! They all make a different tune, and it’s relaly fun. The “Snow Ball Eating Plant” is my favorite. When you feed the plant aproximatly 30 times, it will grow to it’s biggest, and it REALLY looks scary enough to eat you! Fortunatly, if you let it eat one more snow ball, it will explode back to it’s original size. PHEW!

Now for the Cheats!

free item1
The first one is for everyone. It is a green Safari Hat (more like an army hat… I like it!). It’s located in the bottom left of the Plaza.

free item2
The secound free item is MEMBERS ONLY! It is located in the upper left of the Fort (The Fort is located in the Forest. Just go up and the ladder, and you will get up there! πŸ˜‰ ).

free item ALL2
The third free item is for everone. πŸ˜€ It is a exclusive Adventure Party background, and you have to do a scavenger hunt to claim your prize! Click the BINOCULARS beside the Moderator Badge. πŸ˜‰ The guide is below.

free item3
Follow the guide to claim your prize! If the picture guide is not enough, then also follow the “word” version of it below!

1. Mine – Grey fish (wait for 5 secs in the window)
2. Cove – flower (beside the surfing hut)
3. Dock – turtle on the rock (beside the Hydro Hopper game)
4. Snow Forts – Blue flowers (beside the PST Clock)
5. Ice Burg – Whale (the top left hand corner where the water shoots out)
6. Plaza – Blue and purple flower (above the Pizza Restaurant)
7. Beach – Jelly fish (where the bubbles are bottom right corner)
8. Forest – Pink flower (between the two waterfalls)
9. Clame prize to get the free exclusive background. πŸ˜€

free item ALL
Here is how I look like when I put all the free items on my penguin. πŸ˜€ Pretty cool eh?

adventure party pin
Last is the pin. The newest pin is at the Bookroom in the Cofee Shop (it’s at the secound floor!).

Well, that’s all! Hope you all have fun at the Adventure Party! πŸ˜‰


P.S. Don’t forget to do the 101 Days of Fun if your bored!


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