Joji is very busy… no time to post!

Hey guys, Joji here!

As you can see, I’m hardly posting anything even after the 3 days field trip! That’s because I need to finnish many school work, and lots more. As always, school work goes first, then bloggin’ time! 😉

Joji is very busy for now

So, until the hwk load is lowered down, I will be back posting all the time. 😀

C ya later folks! XD



6 Responses

  1. You know flubby me too! I work on her site! You just commented on lux’s site and i did too! check it out!

  2. Hi There! When should we meet so I can become buddies with you? Also, I am sorry but I cannot let you work on my site because I have too many admins at the time. Maybe I’ll have an author contest. Be sure to check back!

  3. Whoa Flubby heeeyyy!!! Ughhh I dunno, how about 4:50 PST, Thursday, June 11th?


  4. Hey Joji you live in Canada correct??? ME TOO do you whatch the Tv channel YTV??? I do I also watch teletoon anyways please respond please!!! =D

  5. Yep! I watch all those everyday! 😀
    My fav shows are the ones on teletoon and on the family channel. XD

    I like pretty much anything on the family channel, and iron, batman, spiderman, and a few other shows on teletoon! 😉


  6. When should we meet?

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