Club Penguin Times Issue # 190 – 101 Days Of Fun Kickoff!

Adventure Party Announced, 101 Days Of Fun, Dojo Igloo Decorating Party and more its a pretty nice issue! Club Penguin Times Issue # 190 below.

Adventure Party

forecast calls for party

Club Penguin has officially announced the Adventure Party! With Disney accidentally releasing an ad for it and Club Penguin hinting with the Adventure Party Login, they’ve now have it as there main story for this weeks paper. The plants Rockhopper brought with him have grown in the summer heat and are spreading quickly! This calls for a party, starting June 12th get lost in the jungle and become and explorer with the first ever Adventure Party!

101 Days Of Fun

101 days of fun0

101 Days Of Fun starts now! Check each thing of you list and find a fun thing to do everyday for 101 Days, in fact, we’ll call it 101 Days Of Fun! Check the first 7 days out below:

days of fun day1

Day 1: Its time for the epic pin hunt! Turn Blue, put on your  ice cream apron & see if you can lead 25 Penguins to the pin!

days of fun day2

Day 2: Work Time! Grab a construction hat from the Penguin Style Catalog & get more then 10 dancing construction buddies to join you on the Iceberg!

days of fun day3

Day 3: Waddle  up to the Lounge above the Night Club & play 10 levels of Astro Barrier. Wait 30 Seconds then shoot at the blue ship to uncover secret levels!

days of fun day4

Day 4: Grab a warm-weather item from the new catalog in the Gift Shop & have 20 Penguins follow you to the Cove for a snowball throwing party!

days of fun day5

Day 5: Make a big fish wish! Go ice fishing by entering the door in the lodge. Try to catch the big fish. Hint, near the end, instead of a worm, use a fish as your bait.

days of fun day6

Day 6: Its time for the hiking vikings! Buy a viking helmet of your choice at the Stage & march in a circle shouting “Hiking!” & “Viking!”

days of fun day7

Day 7: Before you log in to Club Penguin next time, check out the What’s New Blog & help us pick a summer pin by your comments!

Check out that last thing to check of your list, Help Club Penguin pick a new summer pin! Looks like 7 days from now we’ll be helping Club Penguin pick a new summer pin!

Dojo Igloo Contest

dojo igloo contest

Become a Ninja and decorate your Igloo and turn turn it into a Dojo to win 25,000 thousand coins! The new Dojo Igloo Contest is running now! Decorate you igloo to have it judged to be in the CP Times on June 18th, decorate your igloo by the 13th if June!

In Focus

in focus card jitsu

In Focus: Card-Jitsu!

Club Penguin is running out of things to put in the times! But they’ll always find something, they have for almost 200 issues!

Upcoming Events

upcoming events1

upcoming events2



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