101 Days of Fun Starts Today!

Hello Penguins!

There’s a lot to discover in Club Penguin. From ninjas to secret agents, pirates to igloo parties, and so much more… You’re always using your creativity to make cool things happen! And for the next 101 days, we wanted to give you even more fun ways to explore the island.

EN blog.jpgToday is the kick-off for our brand new 101 Days of Fun event that we hope you’ll really love. Your first activity is hunting for the pin that’s hidden on the island! There’s a new one every two weeks for you to find! Once you’ve got the pin, turn blue, put on your ice cream apron, and lead 25 others to it.

Each day you’ll have the chance to complete an activity you’ll find in the Club Penguin Times and on the Fun Activities page! And for the first time, we’ve got a printable list of things to do offline so you can take your Club Penguin fun outside with you!

Don’t forget to print out your checklists from the Fun Activities page. We’d love to hear from you as you and your buddies complete as many of the 101 fun things as you can. I’ll keep you updated, and we may even showcase some of you completing the activities by posting screenshots on the blog.

Let us know what you think!

Until then…Waddle on!



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