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Hey guys, Joji here! Right now, I’m like what the heck!!!??? Australia is going to get the chance to buy SERIES 1 CP PLUSHY TOYS??? Aaaawwwww!!! That’s so unfair… where I live, they never even HAD any Series 1 CP Plushy toys. 😥 All well… life isn’t fair all the time…. O_o

Toys Coming to Australia!

Hello Penguins!

We’ve got some cool news for penguins down under who have been asking for Club Penguin toys! For all of you who’ve been waiting so patiently, Limited Edition Penguins, Mix N’ Match Figures, and Pet Puffles will finally be available in Australia and New Zealand starting mid-June! Australia will also see the first set of the Card-Jitsu Trading Cards soon!


In Australia, you can check out the toys at Toys”R”Us, and then later on at Kmart. In New Zealand, you’ll find them at Farmers.

On June 9th, if you’re in or around the Moore Park Toys”R”Us in Sydney, we want you to help your Club Penguin community celebrate their arrival by attending a special event:

Where: Toys”R”Us, Retail Supa Centre, Moore Park, NSW, 2033
What day: Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
What time: 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Let us know what you think! For those of us who can’t be in Sydney to celebrate, we can still cheer for our “down under” community. Why not have your own party – meet your friends at the Iceberg and celebrate – just for fun!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

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Here are the new music list! There are 7 new songs in total! Hmmmm most of them are from last year’s “Summer Kick Off Party” songs… guess they are going to be used again for the “Adventure Party”! The songs, “Puffle Ragtime” was from the “Puffle Party”. Last, the song, “Mix Maestro” is from the “DJ3K” game!

new songs1



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  1. Hay joji, could you try and redo my banner. It doesnt go to my blog it goes to a page that says the page isnt available. All you gotta do is take the ” off of the end of the HTML of the blog. Then save it and it should work

  2. Thanks! …and no I can’t help you because I dun’t know either how to re-direct it to my site!

    What I know is, is that Lux did his by placing the code on where the “page where the code is” so that people can instantly redirect there!

    Some other have made them into a sticky post, so that they can be redirected in the homepage!

    I hope that helped! I’ll say it again on your blog in case you don’t see this!


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