Club Penguin Times (Issue #189) / RH’s Plants Update! / Dojo Updates!

Hey guys! Sorry for the late updates, I had A LOT of homework to do, and it toke me some time to finnish ’em up. Now I’m back posting!

Ok, to start off. This is the Club Penguin Times Issue #189

cp news paper1
Looking at the headlines, there are Ninja News, In Focus (as usual), Rockhopper News :D, and Ask Aunt Artic (as usual).

cp news paper2
It looks like some convo between a reporter and Rockhopper himself! Awsome, it’s talking about why Rockhopper brought the plants to Club Penguin!

cp news paper3
Sensei describes the “New Updates” about the popular game, “Card Jutsu”!

cp news paper4
A Dojo contest, AWSOME! I already decoreated my Igloo! Remember to convert your igloo into a dojo igloo, so you could enter the contest!

cp news paper5
This is… another repeat in “In Focus”. Hmmm :/ Club Penguin is running out of topics!!! O_o

cp news paper6
Another repeat! But is a good for new players! It’s about how when you press “D”, you would do the action when you wear certain outfits!

cp news paper7
It’s a review about the new viking play by Rubyfairy44!

cp news paper8
FINALLY! Club Penguin made a new newspaper game! It’s connect the dots… but it’s too easy for me! XD

cp news paper9
Let’s see… new music to be launched on May 29th, Rockhopper leaving on May 31st, NEW Penguin Style to be launched on June 5th, and the Adventure Party starting on June 12th! Hold on a secound… that means Club Penguin didn’t mess up then… ???


Next would be Rockhopper’s Plants! Most of them are already in the “Beach”, and is pretty awsome! All these plants will be spread across most of Club Penguin for the upcoming “Adventure Party“!

new beach lush green1

rh ship change2

rh ship change3

rh ship change4


new beach lush green2
Ok, now for the cheats! At the beach, there are many surprises when you scroll over the plants! The “red circle” is where the animation happens when you mouse goes on top of it.

new beach lush green3
This is what is suppose to happen after! Amazing eh?


Appearently, some stuff have been “upraded” in both the Dojo, and in your Player Card! Check it out below! XD

If you go all the way down, you should find a new “icon” that allows you to show how much your are progressing towards your next belt, and how many cards you have! When you go to the “Dojo Courtyard”, “Dojo”, and the “Ninja Hiding Place”, there will be the same icon on the lower right corner of you screen! How convinient!

This is how it’s suppose to look like when you click the “icon”!

Sensei’s thing ontop have changed too! It was the 3 symbols (Fire, Water, and Snow), then it changed into the “Card Jutsu” Logo!

When talking to Sensei, icons were added for those who are too slow at reading! It’s probably for little kids who aren’t that good at reading. 😛

That was loads of information and cheats! That’s all for now!


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  1. that was a load of info. thanks for sharing all of it.

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