Club Penguin Adventure Party!

A few years ago, Club Penguin had the “Nature Party”. Last year was the “Summer Kick-off Party” whats so ever, and this year is the “Adventure Party!”

How do I know? Well Disney really messed up this time! They “accidently” put up the advertisment telling everyone who saw it, that a new party would be coming up soon!
From what the advertisement says, it will only last for 5 days. It is from June 12th to 16th.
I think the “Adventure Party” is related to Rockhopper’s plants spreading into Club Penguin! HAHAHAHA, it’s kinda funny how Disney, the big-boss-company actually messed up! I bet Club Penguin is talking to who ever was responsible of this, and probably said this: “DISNEY WHY THE HECK DID YOU PUT THAT AD ON! NOW MOST OF THE CP BLOGS WILL TALK ABOUT IT (#&%(^$&#*@)#!!! LOLZ, maybe not like that though…

The picture below was the little “accident” Disney made, not Club Penguin. Then below the “Adventure Party” advertisement is the usual advertisement for Club Penguin when no events are taking place!

HAHAHA Disney messed up pic!!! O_o XD



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  1. cool post!

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