Hey guys! Good news!!! XD My site got ranked today! Check it out the screenshot below!

joji's site ranked!

Best of all, my site was placed on the SECOUND PAGE if you type in anything Club Penguin related in search. Other than that, I think I will be getting more hits sooner or later!!! XD

If you want to see it, click HERE!

Here is some information about my site!

URL: https://jojihcpcheats.wordpress.com
Listed in: Games
Category rank: 168
Overall rank: 4632

Tags: online_games joji cp_cheats club_penguin clubpenguin_tips clubpenguin_cheats
Join Date: May 24, 2009
Country: Canada
Language: English

Google PageRank: 0
Alexa: 12,113,065
Technorati: Rank: 0 Authority: 0

Site Description:
Joji’ Club Penguin Cheats Site has many updates Club Penguin related cheats and many more interesting things! My site includes interesting facts about famous penguins, updated funny pictures, a music page, and many more! My site covers both MAJOR and MINOR cheats and posts! I highlight links for easy access to sites, and I am VERY friendly to everyone!



One Response

  1. Hey Joji! It’s me, E23 Cutie 1, from my old website, Funky Monkey Penguin Club, but I took your advice and started a new website that’s wayyyyy better than the old one! I love the catalouge walkthrough things on the left! hope you check out my new website –

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