New Pin / Rockhopper have arrived!

Hey guys, Joji here! Below are the cheats for the new pin, and a walk through/cheats of Rockhopper’s ship full of plant life!

The new pin is the “Ice Cream Pin”! It is located inside of the Pizza Parlor!


Rockhopper’s Plant Filled Ship Walkthrough and Cheats!

rh came8
Everyone should already get a mail from Rockhopper! This is a very fast way to get to his ship! Shortcut! XD

rh came1
YAY! Rockhopper came! Let’s go in and see what’s inside!

rh came2
WOW! Awsome place! So lush in green!!! 😀

rh came3
It looks like a jungle up here… O_o

rh came4
The inside looks like a “hut” to me! I feel like I’m not even in Club Penguin anymore! LOLZ!!! 😛

rh came5
The FREE item is a background… again. BUT, It’s new one!!! Rockhopper also brought NEW plants! When you put it in your igloo, allow it to take time to grow! (This will take more tahn 2 weeks or even a month to grow fully!)

rh came6
Captain’s Quarters is plain normal… but let’s see what the bulletin says!

rh came7
Kool, it looks like Bambadee might be waddling around CP too! 😀

rh locatation found!
Luckly, I found Rockhopper along with my freinds! I found out Yarr (Rockhopper’s pet), was with him for the entire time!

rh bckground2
This is how it looks like when you get the FREE bacground from Rockhopper! It’s exclusive and might be rare! Get it before he’s gone!!!

Well, that’s all! Have fun finding Rockhopper!



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