What’s New Page (May 20th, ’09) / and Other Updates!

NOTICE! Sorry for the really late post, for I was doing some stuff on Chidori456‘s blog!

Happy77 talks writing plays!

Greetings Penguins!

Everyone seems to be excited about having a new play at the Stage and we thought an interview with someone who did some of the writing for it would be in order. So without further fuss, here’s the scoop on [insert ghosty sounds here]: The Haunting of the Viking Opera! (Don’t be scared. They’re not super scary ghost noises…)

Tell us what it’s like to write a Club Penguin play from the first idea until you see it on Stage.
It’s epic! It starts with an idea like: “Hey! How about a play about Vikings?” and starts snowballing. One minute you have a script, then suddenly you have costumes, a set, music, the works! It’s cool when an idea comes to life.

What’s the coolest part of this Haunting of the Viking Opera play?
Well it’s sort of like “Vikings versus Ghosts”, which is a tough one to call. Ghosts are spooky, but Vikings have those pointy-helmets. Both are exciting, doing ghost-y and Viking-y things. Oh man, could you imagine a Viking Ghost? I think I just scared myself!

Do you think Vikings ate candy?
Most definitely. I’m pretty sure that’s what the Vikings in the Operas were singing about in the first place: how much they love candy. 😉


So grab your friends and solve the mystery! The Haunting of the Viking Opera will be at the Stage until June 11.

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77 on May 20 2009 12:27 | Comments (63)


Ok, remember how Club Penguin made a post about how Rockhopper is comming on the What’s New Section? Ok, at first, they put a full screen of the “Beacon”, and they revielled one of their penguins they used for blogs! It’s “Daisylemon”. Because of this, they changed it to the picture below the original one! Now that’s quite funny!

cp shows one of their penguins!


Last, a lot of my freinds have created CPMVs (aka. Club Penguin Music Video)! Check them out below! (They are in the order of the day it was released on Muddgirl‘s Blog.)

Original Video– More videos at TinyPic

Kool eh? 😀



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