Club Penguin Times (Issue #188)

Hey guys, Joji here! Today, the Club Penguin Times newspaper arrived today! Check it out!

cp news1
Let’s look at the headlines… ninja stuff, rockhopper arriving May 22nd (hey… that picture looks familar), and In Focus!

cp news2
Ohhh!!! Rockhopper is bringing in a HUGE surprise for us! Looks like a forest to me, lol! He should be able to arrive to

cp news3
Sensei released some interesting updates that will come soon! They will be a “progress bar”, and a “online collection” like thing to show how many cards you have, and show off to your freinds!

cp news4
This time’s “In Focus”, is “the Cuisine”! Hold on, this is a repeat! šŸ˜¦ All well, I think Aunt Artic ran out of thigns to write I guess!

cp news5
Most of us already know this “well-known” cheat…

cp news6
This is a short review of the “Medieval Party” by Boo59!

cp news7
Ok! Let’s see, over sized updates (LOL :P), NEW Snow and Sports catalog to be launched on May 29th, NEW Penguin Style catalog to be launched on June 5th, Rockhopper’s special arrival which will last from May 22nd – 31st(10 days ONLY), and a new pin to be launched tommorow!



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