Rockhopper is Coming Closer!

Hey guys, Joji here!

Here is a riddle for all of you to solve!

What’s lush in green
that looks like a forest
which floats on water
in a big container?


rh is coming3
Rockhopper is now getting closer to Club Penguin! He will probably come 1-2 weeks later! What do you think? Will there be another party, or a big store with a exclusive catalog? You decide!



3 Responses

  1. hey joji! the music video is up and running on my blog! I fnally found a way that works (i used tinypic) if you want the vid on your blog just tell me and i will put it on for you 😀

  2. oh and about rockhopper’s ship, i think he brought plants from florida and is gonna sell them on cp 😀

  3. Nope, I don’t think the plants are from Florida. They will just say it’s from Rockhopper Island.


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