Be in the Music Video!

NOTICE! It’s already finished! Sorry! Next time, it will be “Just Lose It”, reqested by Vader2006 and Muddboy400!

Hey guys! I’m creating a music video! It will be “Silly Boy” by Lady GaGa!

If you wanna be in it, tell me beofore the Medieval Party ends!



3 Responses

  1. that music vid was awesome
    but, some parts when ppl were talking got so annoying
    oh and Brenhen9608 is my friend in real life k :mrgreen:

  2. Ya… well, the music video… that will be posted “gulp” like 2-3 eyars later… so lemme see… emmmmm… 2012 maybe?

    Ya, I’m just making it now, to practise my skills and when I finally get my account, I will post them all and get a lot of hits in one day!



  3. whoa… im still creating the first verse… this is taking long…

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