New Igloo Catalog / Furniture Catalog / Rockhopper Update!

Hi guys, here is a quickie!
This is the Furniture Catalog. When you click in the “red circle”, the special item will appear!

furniture catalog


There is a new igloo! It’s a Tree Fort Igloo!

iggy catalog

iggy catalog2
Ugh oh, the “Ship Igloo” is removed! 😮 This will be a hard descision for all those who hase the Ship Igloo! Well, choose wheather you want to get it or not! It’s all up to you!


Also… Rockhopper is coming back! …hold on! It looks like Rockhopper is bringing us a surprise! 😮

rh is coming2
Hmmmm looks like a bunch of plants and vines there. What could it be? Another party after the Medieval Party? Who knows! Stay tuned for more news!
PS. If you want to see how much longer we have to wait until he comes, go to the Beacon, and check out the telescope!



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