New CPMV (club penguin music video)

NOTICE! Club Penguin cheats below… still, watch Yodom’s awsome music video!

Hey, I made a cpmv of Meant To Live by Switchfoot! Here it is:   Hope you enjoyed it! ~Yodom


5 Responses

  1. Let me rate it…

    Song: 4.5/5 Very good song, but the tune seems too repetetive?

    Specail Effects: 2.5 Not many special affects was in it.

    Transitions: 5/5 No delays, on time when the time for the next sentance was perfect.

    Over all, I would give it a… Drum role… 3.5/5!

    Good job Yodom!


    • Thanks Joji! I couldn’t make that many special effects because I don’t have a program OR true blue fx and I agree with you on how the song is a little but repetetive.

  2. Oh, you don’t have those special effects stuf? How come, ur parent’s won’t allow you? But ya, good job on ur music video! It’s pretty good!


  3. Too bad I’m gonna get youtube account like 2 to 3 years later. 😦

    My parents won’t allow me to get one, because education always goes first like they always say! lol


    • when are u posting the new music vid we did earlier and how are u goin to upload it if u dont have a youtube account ❓

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