Club Penguin Times — Issue #187

Hey guys! The CP Times Newspaper came today! Let’s check it out!!! 😀

Headlines… Rockhopper comming soon, the Medieval Party, In Focus, and Aunt Artic stuff.

It’s talking about the Medieval Party… nothing much except it will end on May 17th.

They are talking about the new play which is the “Haunting of the Viking Opera”! Pretty cool actually, along with the awsome cheats! The play will be last until June 11th.

OMG! Rockhopper is coming to Club Penguin again! This time is specail, for he is bringing a special thing to buy or get for free!!! Stay tuned! 😀

This time’s infocus, they talk about “relaxing”. Wait a minuit… didn’t they mentioned about this topic before?

These cheats are quite old… nothing new. It looks like Club Penguin is all out of cheats!

Let’s see coming up soon! Uhmmm… the Medieval Party ending soon, then the Play, a new Igloo Catalog is coming up tommorow, then Rockhopper is coming to Club Penguin somewhere this week! The “King’s Crown” pin will only be there until May 21st, so for those who didn’t get it yet, be do it now!



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