Welcome! (Sticky post, scroll down for CP cheats)

Notice! Suppose to be like a banner, but it’s sorta hiding the cheats… so ya.

Welcome to my CLub Penguin Cheats Site! My site is quite good compared to other people’s blogs… Click the button below for more information!

My site has:
-usefull pages to many things you want to discover and learn about CP.
-a FAQ section of the many questions you ponder.
-good breif details of all the Famous Penguins.
-full details to all cheats!
-cover BOTH major AND minor parts of cheats and newspaper posts!

-fun events, contests, and more!
-features your blog if you want to.
-adds anyone to my blogroll.
-oftenly updated funny pics!
-AND has some of the best, clean details EVER!

Other blogs may seem pretty good with fun stuff, but they mostly don’t respond to your questions in your comments, but Joji is always helpful and nice to all!

Please also tell your freinds about my site too!



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  1. please make my blog a hit!
    Please bring more that 1000 visitors to me blog

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