A free Rockhopper/Bambadee Special Coin Code Please?

Hi! It’s Joji, and I was wondering if I can have that special coin code you get from Disneyland… where you meet Rockhopper and Bambadee!

If you do, I will give you a reward in return:

A free coin code and probably a Card Jutsu Card code.
Get to be my buddy forever.
Get to be on my blog and post.
Get to work on YOUR blog (if you have one), and will promiss to post more stuff than other blogs I work on.
Will be featured in a lot of my art work I will do.
…and will try to feature you on my blog once every month Until July 2010.

Now, will other blogs do that? Not really.

So, if you do have one, post a comment that “you have the special coin code”.

Then, I will email you, so that you can email me back the coin code. When I see the coin code is the ONE FROM DISNEYLAND THE SPECIAL ONE, I will give you your prize.

Please don’t fake it or anything ok?



3 Responses

  1. ohh,, im not in 8th, im in 7th. lol but im pretty much an 8th grader! 🙂 but yea, high school is gunna be rough. but i didnt quit doing updates cause i was always busy, i quit because it was pointless. i didnt like having to get up early, and post thing everytime i see somthing new! 😦 lol good luck in high school thogh!! :)) – (:Swirlz901:)

  2. Thanks! …and you don’t have to post that early, I do it after I come back home from school. 🙂


  3. i dont have a site! i use:clubpenguingang.com

    u should try it!


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