Member’s Quest Cheats!

NOTICE! Happy Mother’s Day to all! Remember to buy a gift for your mom!

Hey guys! I’m finnaly members! My parents got me a 6 month membership! SE-WEEET!

Here are the cheats to the Member’s Quest. It’s really easy! Really! 😀

knight's quest
The instructions are really obvious… isn’t?

first room of doom
You can light up all the orbs in any order. Don’t worry about the cage like thing, it won’t hurt you. Waddle in a zig-zag when going towards the orb on the bottom right corner.

third room of doom
Shoot snowballs at the targets 50 times! Don’t hesitate, because they retract 10 secounds later… very slow. Remember to also get your free “Golden Shield”!
Hint: Hold down T and click to rapid fire!

third room of doom
Here are the directions to go through the maze: DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP. Remember to also get your free “Golden Helmet”!

third room of doom blinking arrows
If you look carefully, only 1 of the arrows in each room will blink to the right path! Hmmm… this is waaay to easy!

final room of honour
Ahhh… the final room! What a great honour! In this amazing room, you can get your free “Golden Knight Suit”!

Joji, the Great Knight!
This is how you look like when put on all 3 items! Very cool eh? Way cooler than the normal silver armour… only the golden one doesn’t include the shoes. 😦

Have fun at the Medieval Party! It ends May 17th!



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