Ye Medieval Party iz on!

UPDATE! Rsnail and Screenhog have made some interesting posts! Check ’em out!
UPDATE! New rules for this site are made! Check Da Rules for them!

Welcome, to the anual Ye Old Medieval Parté! Here are some quickies and cheats about the new party!

Here is a screen shot of the Forts! Hover over those “weapons of destruction” to blast on enemie forts! Roar!

The following rooms are all decorated:
Town, Coffee Shop, Book Room, Night Club, Dance Longe,Gift Shop,
Snow Forts,Ice Rink
Plaza, Pet Shop, Stage, Pizza Parlor,
Forest, Tree Fort, Cove
Dock, Beach, Light House, Beacon
Ski Village, Ski Lodge, Lodge Actic, Ski Hill
Boiler Room, Cave, Mine, Mine Shack

So… That means 27/33 rooms are decorated! Wow.

Ye Cheats!

The free item is in the Light House… errr Wizard’s Tower. Go where the blue wizard’s hat is, to get it!

joji the wizard
Here is a snapshot of how it looks like! Kool eh? I’m Joji the Wizard Guy!

catalog whoo hoo
When you go to the Gift Shop. There will be 2 seperate types of catalogs. One is the usual book, and the other one is a scroll. The Scroll Catalog will ONLY stay until May 17th! So buy them all before they are gone!

entire catalog
Heeey! The winning background is there! Kool! You can also buy some armor gear and other nifty things too!

To ge the new pin, you have to go to the Boiler Room. hover your mouse over the big pot like thing, and wait until it pours the hot metal… then compresses and cools it… a voila! Instant pin! It’s kinda cool actually. 😛

Since I am not members anymore, you will have to get the the Member’s Quest cheats from Mimo777’s site.

BUT! I managed to get a screen shot of it! Check it out below!
golden armor

Have fun!



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