Bean Counters Glitch! :D

Hi guys! Sorry fo the late post again, so much tests and hwk recently… again!

Anyways, the mini-game in the “Coffee Shop”, “Bean Counters”, have a slight “money glitch”. This is your chance to get loads of money in minuets!

1. When you almost go to where the green spot is, click the “house button” on ur toolbar.
2. When you get to your igloo, there should be a messege. If you don’t see it, repeat step 1. Click “Yes” and you will be in the game!
3. Play the game until you loose or finnish “level 5”. You can also click the “x” button too.
4. When you do, a messege will pop up how many coins you earned. Click “OK” and press the “x” button again where the “green box” is.
5. Do this as many times as you want!

HINT! Finnish level 5, and when the “Congraulations!” thing pop up, click “Click here to get paid!” button. Then the a new pop up will say the ammount of coins you earned. Because the “Click here to get paid!” button is just centered very well where the “You have earned ___ coins” box is, this is the fastest way to earn coins!

😀 Yay I’m so rich!

Have fun earning loads of money! Remember, you never know when CP is going to fix the glitch, so do it as soon as possible!



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