This Week’s “Club Penguin Times” Newspaper

Hey guys, Joji here!

Here are the snapshots and main events of this week’s newspaper! Check it out!

Yaaay the Medieval Party! Sad they don’t have “Earth Week” party! 😦 Anyways, the party is coming up soon, then Penguins getting paid soon for their hardwork, some furniture advice and so on…

The main 3 characters are: the Princess, the Kight, and the Jester! They are going out on a quest to find some sort of treasure, I wonder what the treasure is going to be like… I hope most of the decorations are back, or maybe better ones I hope!

Some good ‘ol tips on how to decorate your igloo and spending you money wisely. 😀

Penguins getting paid by volenteering in jobs such as the “SPA” and the “Tour Guide” every month.

This week’s “In Focus”, they talk about the game, “Sled Racing”. Mainly about how it’s done and all that stuff many of us already know.

I kind of like this new idea, who ever comes last wins! LOL this is gonna be fun!

Things that most of us know already… nothing new I guess?

Today is the last day for the pin. Other than that, there is going to be new upgrades for “Sled Racing” and “Dance Contest”! Also, a new “Penguin Style Catalog is coming on May 1st!



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