Happy Earth Day! (Scroll Down for Newer Posts on CP)

Hey guys! Joji here! Today is Earth Day! Even though the official day for Earth Day is always on April 22nd, this whole week is considered “Earth Week”. This mean we can celebrate and act “green” every single day until Sunday!

To celebrate such amazing day, I will be showing you some sites that are changed to a “Earth Day” theme just for today!

To start of, Google have changed it to a “rain forest” theme.

We then check out Yahoo’s main site and WHOA! I see a “green” theme, and some good ‘ol “green” advertisement and a kool banner too!

Then we go to MSN sympatico… but there is nothing except this “What’s New” section, they say how Canada is one of the world’s beautiful countries! Yaaaay Canada!

Next is the OLD version of MSN, and they do have a nice banner for today. Sort of a “garden” like theme. 😀

Now, I always leave the best at the end as a surprise… and now check this out! Ask.com have re-done their ENTIRE front page into a massivly full-screen, detailed, rainforest world! Almost like a Utopia world maybe… I made this as my background for my desktop, hehe! 😛

So, now youv’e seen some websites who kidna participated on Earth Day, now let’s see what you can do!

You can…

-wear green in Club Penguin, and say “Celebrate Earth Day” or something.
-decorate your igloo in CP in a “Green Fasion” to show you care for the enviroment!
-turn of the monitor screen to save 60% of the eneger used.
-turn off unessary lights in your house.
-clean out some garbage in your community!
-you recycle paper at school and at home to save paper.
-use “draft mode” when printing out documents from your printer, so it would you less ink, and still have that great look!
-plant flowers and ride a bike to school instead of the bus (only if you live close enough to the school though).

These are only some great ideas to celebrate Earth Day and for this whole week!

For more info, google-it your self! LOL!



3 Responses

  1. wow cool!

  2. awesome job on the header 😀

  3. Thanks guys!


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