Rsnail’s Blog Finnally Re-Opened!

Yippi! Rsail’s Blog is finnally open to the public… again!

You can view his site at

So far, he has 3 posts. Two, are describing about Penguin Chat 3 and Club Penguin. The other one is describing his space ship model he created out of Lego.


I wonder how is site is going to be in the future? What things will he talk about? Hmmm theses are some tough questions! We’ll see.

Since we are kinda celebrating the re-opening of a new, fresh site. Here are some games that were created by Rocketsnail!

Mancala Snails

Word Cunch

Ballistic Biscuit

There are more, such as the original “Penguin Chat” and “Penguin Football”, but I won’t tell you the links. This is because the games do not have any moderation, and there is a lot of swearing and innapropiate talk in it.

Besides that, I thought it would be cool if I told you some facts about Rsnail!

-His real name is Lance Priebe.
-His two known accounts are: Rsnail and Nickname1. He is also the controller of Box Creator.
-Rsnail’s site (Which is was shut down, because Club Penguin was developed.
-He is the main designer of the mini-games above, including many other projects such as Chibi Chat, Crab Chat, and Penguin Footbal.
-Surprisingly, he likes to build with Lego too! Rsnail is actually pretty good at it…
-As many people already know, he is also a moderator in Club Penguin. Unfortunatly many people hacked his account, so he has to change hie password on a regular basis.
-Rsnail’s logo and Screennog’s logo was put at Gary’s office in the Club Penguin Elite Force game.
-Rsnail’s account is a light blue penguin with a red viking hat. His other account, Nickname1 is a dark blue penguin, a green baseball cap, black hoodie, brown dress shoes, and a rare brown mail bag thing.

In real life, this is how he looks (it’s the guy on the left).


Well that’s all the facts I know about Rsnail! Enjoy his new site!



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  1. Hey joji, i know i’ve got things to update, i’m just having a ruff week. My comp. has been really messed up, its not letting me post on any site, not even yours. I can even get to my Dashboard. I’ve had strep throat as well, and some other, persanal problems. I’ll probably be posting soon… i hope. Please let everyone know that i have quit or anything,

    Your friend,

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