New Famous Penguin in CP?

UPDATE! Box Creator’s player card was a fake. 😦

Yes it’s true! There is a new famous penguin named “Box Creator”. Unlike Cadence, Penguin Band, Gary, Cadence, and Aunt Artic, he has no items on himself.
He is just a plain dark blue penguin. Weridly, his player card shows an “old blue coloured” penguin just like Gary. His “player card” is below.

As you can see, Box Creator’s player card shows himself kneeling on a box and just smiles with a “Box Dimention” background.

When he is seen 3D, he looks like this:

He is seen most of the time in the “Box Dimention”. When the “April Fools” party was going on, he would sometimes be in the “Box Store” creating new boxes.

Recently, Box Creator finally got his player card redone (see the above player card) just like many other famous penguins. For now, Club Penguin is currently designing a “free background” for everyone non-members and members.

The cool thing about Box Creator, is that he is controlled by Rsnail. It was also said how Gary and himself teamed up to to create the “Box Dimention” and was able to let Penguins have gravitation only.

Unfortunatly Club Penguin has recently said how “Box Creator” was just a normal penguin. This makes many penguins suspisous that Club Penguin is up to something. If you want, you can e-mail to CP about Box Creator. They will just say how he is blah blah blah. They will say everything is false from the above facts about Box Creator.

Hopefully, someone would create a tracking team to track down the location to where Box Creator is.

I hope one day I can meet Box Creator myself! For more information about Box Creator, click HERE.



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  1. Wow, wonder if ill ever see him.

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