2,000 hits party invitation!

Hi guys!!!! Guess what? I’m going to be having another party soon!

Check out the invitation below!

Once again, only ONE randomly drawn penguin will be in my next comic. Plus, that winner will see a special surprise by me! Artistic Joji!

GASP! Did I say artistic? Hmmmm that can be a clue to my surprise… I can draw a picture or what ever… LOL!

Unfortunatly, I will not be members anymore 😦 . Ya, so I guess we will do a vote on who’s igloo to visit!

How to Vote and rules!

Hi. If you want to be one of the igloos to be in the mini vote, be sure to make a new post, saying “igloo contest pic”.
Please design your igloo based on a “box, spring, or both” theme! Take a picture, and paste it on the post.

Then, wait until I post your igloo designs onto my site, and wait a week later for the results!

For Voters! You can only choose ONE design, so choose carefully! Even you clear you cookies, you cannot do it again!



3 Responses

  1. i wouldnt do that. u cant have a party every small amount of hits. u shou;d hav 1 at 10,000 like me

  2. … ok then.

    I’ll do another party at 4,000 hits next time.

    Thanks for the advice!


  3. np actually do a 5,000!

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