Comic from Contest Party / Comic Caption Contest Results

Hi guys, here are the 2 comics you were all waiting for. Here they are:

The winners were Screennog, Chidori 456, and Ojoc.

The winner for the Comic Caption Contest was Ameby.

Well, that’s all. Enjoy the comics and congraduations to the winners!
Stay tuned for more contests to come!



6 Responses

  1. Awesome Post! Please comment back!

  2. Thanks for the comment!:D


  3. lol that conflictor virus never came!

  4. Amazing! Did you do that handdrawn. If it was you are a amazing drawer!!! Thanks for chosing me!!!!!!! Good Job With Hits. Do a 2,500 or a 10,000 party. I wanna hang out with you more on CP. Waddle on!


  5. Hey, Happy Easter!

    Your site has become really cool sience i last saw it!
    I am going to make this one of my locations for club penguin cheats.

    I would be greatly pleased if you could visit my site & Comment Back!

    Thx So Much! I Hope You Have A Terrific Day!


  6. the people were randomly drawn from an envelope.

    there were all the ppl featured from my 1,000 hits party.

    the conflicktor worm is out there. if you chceck yahoo news in a while, news about conflictor has said how they infected many computers by randomly going into different popular websites…

    although, i sitll dont know the entire story about conflictor.

    the april 1st thing was a hoax. i’m so srry guys! 😦

    i’ll try making it up to you guys… some how.


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