Words of Wisdom

Hi guys, some of you already know that www.yorap8.wordpress.com is no longer active. Yorap8 have shut down his site because he said how his “popularity stats” or what ever is low. So he just shut it down right away. Fortunatly, yorap8’s chat is still active. Here is the link: http://xat.com/yorap8.

For all those people who are going, or already shut down your blogs. Here are some words of wisdom I have made… it’s kinda looks like a poem though.


When our hearts go down, to the hard ice floor

fear, anger, interfereres our lives

yet life goes wild, and when minds are unstable,

the depression in our hearts has never stop going,

but when a light shines our hearts,

great happiness over comes darkness.

comes a strong, white, dove giving us hope

though shall not give up

yet llife goes on

up nor down

nothing can go our way.

I’m not much of a poem writer or a good speech teller, but what do you think of my words of wisdom?

Does it encorage you to do better in your weaknesses?



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