New loading screen + Aunt Artic + Drewdrewli’s party = lots of excitement! :D

Hey guys, Joji here! Today, we will be talking about some new stuff that recently happened.



First, the loading screen changed into a “Penguin Award’s version”. Also, members got a fancy invitation from CP.


Also, I found Aunt Artic! The rumor was true after all. This week, Aunt Artic and Cadence will be visiting the stage, so if you miss them in any of the parties, here are your chances! Next week, Gary would be visiting. Then, the week after, the Penguin Band will be visiting.


Here is the free background picture you get from Aunt Artic. (Oh! I also got a CP toy two days ago! The diva glasses and the blue striped hoodie are from the toy code! :D)

Last, here are some pictures from Drewdrewli’s 10,000 hit party:







Well, thats all for now! 😛



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  1. hehe i started that rumor

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