Penguin Awards are here! (March 20th)

Hi guys, the Penguin Awards are here! Unfortunatly, it is only restricted to members only.


Here, would be the outside of the play. On the bottom left hand corner, is the voting station.


Vote by clicking continue, and choose your favorite play in each category. After your’e done, click continue. Remember, you can not go back once you click continue. So choose wisely.


This would be the inside of the stage. You can go to the costume box, and get some of the costumes from the top 5 plays. You can also play previews of the plays on the monitor screen. The switchbox 3000 allows you to do many things such as a puffle coming out with a award, and many lights effects. See below.


They are all colour coded.
Yellow is the puffle jumping out.
regular green are sparkes coming out.
Olive green are lights coming out from the ground.
Red is confetti coming out from the top to bottom.
Light blue is confetti coming out from the top to bottom.
Purple is confetti coming out from both sides from top to bottom.
Lime Green is a spotlight, then slowlly goes to the left leading to the exit or backstage.
Whitish Green is spotlight, then slow moving forward to the main stage.


Head backstage, and you can sit around and chat with other dudes. Some famous penguisn might be there, just like the penguin band did.


Don’t forget to get your free penguin award!


Now we will look into the costume trunk, and check out the catalog.
You can also buy a microphone for 250 coins.

Quest For The Golden Puffle
Fairy Fables
The Penguins That Time Forgot
Ruby and the Ruby
Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl


Click where the red is to receive a background!


Click the red circle to get the “Cheap Time Travel Hat”.


Click the red circle to get the “Squidzoid cosume”.

Whoa! That was a lot. If famous penguins are here, check out Lux1200’s site and see if Lux 1200, have made a famous penguin tracking team.



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