Club Penguin Times (March 19th)

Hey guys! This week’s newspaper talks majorly about the “Penguin Awards”. Check it out!!!


We start of with the headlines… and all I can see are plays, plays, plays!!! LOL 😛


Ohhhh a line up of penguins dressed up from past plays! KOOL!!! In the “Penguin Awards” event, awards goes to best play, best music, best costume, best set, and best special effects.


YAAAY!!! Three of my favorite plays are there! They are: Fairy Fables, The Penguins That Forgot Time, and Ruby and the Ruby. You have to say, those are some good plays, but I really dislike the play, Squidzoid VS Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal.


…and the first 5 winners of the “Snow Sculpter Conetest”, are: Marco A9, Lucasbas, Rosette37, Ice4biel, and Wubby98. Whoo Hoo, congrats!


Some plain ol’ memories from the St. Patrick’s Party… I can just remember it like it was just yesterday… WAIT! The party still continued early in the morning! XD LOL


This time’s “In Focus”, they focus on the play, “Fairy Fables”. They also mentioned about tips and hints on other stuff about the play.


If you read carefully in the red box i drew from “Ask Aunt Artic”, she said how she “might” come to the “Penguin Awards” event. OMG!!! Can’t wait!!!!!


We already knew that from a longgggggggggg time ago in a galaxy far far away… Whoops, off topic! 😛


For a secound thought, I thought the pin was the first pin on clubpenguin. Until I looked closely, they forgot to put a circle around it so thats why. Any ways, ninjas are gonna get some cool stuff, and there is going to be a new catalog coming soon too! Oh, and also the Penguin Awards! 😀 The Snow Sculpture Contest will also continue until April 20! 🙂



2 Responses

  1. Okay I Deleted The Banner ! Happy !:(

  2. What are you talking about? I have no idea what you meant by me telling you to delete your banner. Which banner??? When did I say that? On what post have I said about it….

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHH are you talking about that banner that looks extremely similar to Lux 1200’s banner???

    Well, it’s good you deleted it, cause he has copy rights. But did you ask him? If you ask him, he might consider about it, but I wasn’t trying to be mean or anything. I just wanted to warn you, cause I don’t want your site to shut down. Your site is pretty good you know.


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