“What’s New” (March 16th)

Penguin Play Awards Update

Hello Penguins!

As the St. Patrick’s Day Party wraps up, a lot of you are helping with construction around the Stage. This Friday, the first Penguin Play Awards will begin, and you’ll be able to dress up, walk the red carpet, and vote for your favorite stage plays in different categories! The team’s looked at the website poll results and your comments, and we’ve got a list of the Club Penguin community’s 5 favorite plays. Which plays do you think made the top 5?

Members will have access to the inside of the Stage, where there will be a few extra surprises.


The Penguin Play Awards go from March 20 – April 9, and I don’t want to give everything away yet, but the team’s really excited because this event is mostly about giving you the chance to be creative with all the special things you’ll find in and around the Stage.

Until then…Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on March 16 2009 10:48 | Comments (46)



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  1. heya i just wantta know where you got the welcome to my site thing on your widget bar?

  2. I forgot where I got this from, but to get hte html code, you should copy and paste this html code on your site:

    after that, it will show up when you view your site.


  3. ok… it doesnt show… i ll just post it then.

  4. ok, just go to this link. There are instructions:



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