St. Patrick’s Party Update/Club Penguin 2009 St. Patrick’s Day Party & More!

UPDATE UPDATE Hi, Joji here. Many thanks to Xl48 64 for posting this!

Hello Penguins!

Some of you are letting us know that you can’t see the St. Patrick’s Day Party on your computers! (For a while I couldn’t see it either – but now I can.) The team is working really hard to fix this issue and the best thing to try is to clear your computer’s cache to see if that solves the problem.


We really appreciate your patience while we try to make everything green for all of you in Club Penguin!

Update:New post cardnew-post-card

GO Down to see the saint patricks day cheats injoy

Hello Penguins!

The Club Penguin Island is filled with green and over run by leprechauns and pots of gold! Its the St. Patrick’s Day 2009!

Free Items


You can find the first Free Item in the Coffee Shop! It is a Shamrock Hat and it is returned and is now not rare.
You can find the second Members Only Free Item in the Leprechaun House (check below for more info on the Leprechaun House). If you dance with just the free item you will play it (like the guitar or keytar)
Members Only Leprechaun House
You can enter the Leprechaun House from the Forest.
On the inside you can pick up a Accordion (the thing Irish people play), Click the Fire Wood to make the fire bigger and and click the thing sitting on the upper platform to make them it do a special effect!
Rainbows & Pin
You can see Rainbows at the Town, Snow Forts, Plaza, Dock, and Ice Berg
If you go to the Ice Berg you can see the Rainbow ending at the Ski Mountain. Use your map to go to the Ski Mountain!
At the end of the Rainbow will be a big pot o’ gold and the Lucky Coin Pin (Warning: This pins is very big and ugly. Pick up with caution)
St. Patrick’s Day Log In Screen
New St. Pat’s Day Login Screen!
Stage Under Construction
The Stage is Under Construction for the Penguin Play Awards starting March 20th!
Inside you can see some boxes and a Giant Penguin Play Award sticking out of one of them (just like the big awards at the Oscars). The Costume Trunk is also empty.
Decorated Placescoffee-shopdance-clubdockforest

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