New Stuff

Hi! Joji here, the loading screen to play clubpenguin slightly changed for the “puffle page” Check it out below!




7 Responses

  1. GO 2 yorap chat

  2. srry didnt see that,

  3. yo, im zilla, thought i wud check ur site out because im kind like that lol.
    its kwl:)
    could you visit me site in return?



  4. number 1 you site is too good,

    number 2 you could perhaps buy the “windows Vista Magazine”… i think it’s only sold in Canada??? …its packed with info

    number 3 mabye you could change you banner a bit?

    number 4 over all so far is 4/5

    a few improvements, and whooo hooo!

    …of coarse… studies, hwk goes first, then blogs

    you might later on want to get some back up like I do.

    so when ever im very busy, I can ask them to help me for it.


  5. go on yrap chat

  6. can i be a author??????
    email me 😉

  7. ughhhhhhhh no.

    if eveone asks me for it, I’ll have too many.

    I only truts those who I think are trust worthy,

    there are too many hackers and bad guys out there… too dangerous…

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