Screenhog talks about Rockhopper’s Migrator!+ Newspaper+ Sneak Peak: Penguin Play Awards

Hi Chidori 456 here. I have some new uptates for you.

Hi everyone! Screenhog here.

Do you know those puzzles where you have a picture with a whole bunch of stuff in it, and you have to find a specific thing? Well, the Migrator is a great place to play this game!


The artists hid a lot of stuff on Rockhopper’s ship when they built it. Ready to play? Explore the Migrator and try and find all of these things:
– A crown
– 7 treasure chests
– 3 puffle toys (one for the black puffle, one for the purple puffle, one for the blue puffle)
– The camera that was given to Rockhopper by Aunt Arctic
– 9 barrels
– A set of golf clubs
– 2 flags that can wave in the breeze
– 2 green buckets
– Yarr’s bed
– A feather
– A mop
– Bambadee’s friendship bracelet (read “Rockhopper and the Stowaway” in the Book Room if you don’t know what this is)
– A purple octopus

Found all of these? Need one more challenge? OK, try and find the OTHER purple octopus.

In other news: Tomorrow is the first day to adopt a white puffle! We’re excited to hear what you think.

Until then…Waddle on!


This Club Penguin Times is jam packed with the penguin play awards, white puffles, St Patrick’s day and more! Check It Out Below Now!

Penguin Play Awards


Sweet Its Just Going To Be Like The Oscors! (more below)


After over a year and 13 blockbuster plays, the Stage Society is proud to announce the first ever Penguin Play Awards.  This star-studded, red carpet Member event will feature awards in the five categories of: 1. Best Overall Play.  2. Best Sound.  3. Best Effects.  4. Best Costume.  5. Best Set. Based on popular opinion polls, the Stage Society has narrowed down the top plays, and they’ll be announcing their nominations soon.  Penguin guests will have a chance to vote on their favorites at the awards.  The Penguin Play Awards is a very special Member event starting March 20.


White Puffle Adoptions Begin March 6


The Pet Shop is very pleased to announce after a long week of hard work, puffle experts have finally Rounded Up enough white puffles to begin adoption.  Experts have been baffled for week, wondering where the puffles have been hiding, and why they’ve  waited to make an appearance. Penguin can adopt these mysterious marvels starting March 6.


Snow Sculptures Coming Soon


Attention Artists!  Penguin decorators are still looking for original designs for the Snow Sculpture Showcase.  The snow in the Attic will soon be used to make a series of special snow statues, and every artist on the island is invited to submit drawings.  A total of 15 designs will be picked, and from March 20 – April 9, the lucky winners will have their statues and penguin names unveiled in special places around Club Penguin.  They’ll receive 10,000 Coins!  Artists are looking for interesting and creative drawings, but they request that the art dose not include words.  Drawings can be focused on any theme – penguins, sports, friendship, ect. If You Want To Submit Your Fan Are Go To Page A6 – A7 and then click on the ‘SUBMIT’ button.


It’s Time To Shamrock  And Role


March 13 – 17 is Club Penguin’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Party and penguins everywhere are getting ready to shamrock and role! Penguins will be busy searching for leprechauns and pots of gold, but should be dressed for the occasion.  ”Every penguin should get their green on! otherwise look out! The decorator added, “Stop by the gift shop to buy some green paint.  And  a top o’ the morning to ye!’

Warning – Secret Revealed



Cool Secret I already know that but other new penguins of club penguin don’t!

Upcoming Events



Tune In Tomorrow For The Penguin Style Catalog And White Puffles!z


Hello Penguins!

The team is really excited to tell you about a huge Member Event that’s coming to Club Penguin’s Stage. Lots of you have asked for something new and different at the Stage, and we’ve been working really hard to put together something we hope you’ll love.

From March 20 – April 9, the first Penguin Play Awards event is here, and it’s going to be a special star-studded show! Everyone will be able to vote for their favorite plays in several categories, and members can walk from the red carpet into the Stage where there will be so many ways to be a part of the show, and a lot of surprises! Here’s a sneak peek:

We’re excited to hear what you think, so let us know what kinds of things you’d like to see.

In Other News: On Friday, along with a new Adopt A Puffle catalog, you’ll see a brand new Penguin Style catalog. Check it out for some fancy black-tie outfits that’ll help you get ready for the Penguin Play Awards show.

Until then…Waddle on!




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