Chidori! New Author!!! :D

yes, there is a new author on my cp site. For now he will be posting stuff, while i will be doing my projects and studying for my tests.

I have found Xlr8’s e-mail, but imi not sure if it is the correct one. (it looks suspisously not him.)

If i find him him and Yorap, or even surfboy and many others, they can be great back up.

Thanks for those who wants to help me.
To Chidori456: hi, be sure to put up-to-date posts if possible, dont delete comments, add any widgits that u think are apporpiate, and please don’t mess up my site. from ur buddy, Joji.

President of jojicpcheats,



5 Responses

  1. ughh refrace wat i said to chidori,

    only delete innapropiate comments,

    u can put posts that is kinda u like,

    and ya, i think thats all besides some gramatical errors.


  2. wait wait, refrace? srry i was saying change a bit to wat i said in the post, nmy bad, messed up so much

  3. 1: if you want me 2 put some kewl widgets u have to change me into administrator.

    2: I will Help.


  4. okkk, i checked, addminstrators can delete blogs and stuff yikes!

    but i trust you

    once again, ya.

  5. ok, ur addminatrator now… and weridly, your post is really messed up for some odd reason…

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